Temples and tipples in Siem Reap

Nowhere I've been seems to hold such contrasting appeal for tourists as Siem Reap in Cambodia. On the one hand, it's known for the magnificent, ancient temples of Angkor Wat, described by the Lonely Planet as "heaven on earth." On the other, it's famous for its buzzing nightlife, centred around Pub Street, a long neon-lit street … Continue reading Temples and tipples in Siem Reap


10 days in Laos

After Myanmar, I flew back to good old Bangkok where I stocked up on essentials, did some laundry and planned my next move. Once I was rested and ready, I booked myself onto the night train to Nong Khai, where I would take a short shuttle train ride over the border and into Vientiane, the … Continue reading 10 days in Laos