Home again, home again

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I got back from my travels about two months ago, shortly after I posted my last blog entry. Although I left the blog in Hong Kong, I wasn’t writing in real-time and in the months that followed my trip to Hong Kong I spent wonderful times in Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. When I got home, I thought about whether I should continue my blog/travel diary and write about these places and the memories I made. I didn’t, for a couple of reasons.

As soon as I was back in Cork and with my family and friends, who had been following my updates on the blog, it felt a bit weird to be posting as if I was still on my travels. I was enjoying spending time with my people, and I couldn’t imagine sitting down and writing about something I did two months ago when I was away from them. The blog was a way of giving myself a project and a connection when I was away, and suddenly i didn’t feel I needed that anymore.


Family time in Fort Camden

The second reason was, a week after I returned, I began a month-long 200 hour intensive yoga teacher training, with Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre in Cork.  It was something I had thought about for a long time, and finally decided to do while I was travelling. I totally immersed myself in the course, which was wonderful. But, after 11 hours a day of yoga and lectures, I didn’t have the time, space or energy for much else.

I graduated at the end of August, and I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have ever done. When I had thought about doing it before, I had imagined conversations with my yoga teacher where I would ask about becoming a yoga teacher, and she would respond with slowly widening eyes and gradually break into disbelieving laughter as I backed slowly out of the yoga studio in shame. Of course this was ludicrous and all in my head, but it wasn’t the first time I had decided I wouldn’t do something because I thought I might look silly, be rejected, fail or be judged.

Signing up for the course, going through the highs and lows, and getting my certification at the end of it showed me that I was capable of achieving something that only I had been keeping myself from doing. I am going to remember that the next time I’m wavering or fretting over hypothetical embarrassments and imagined rejection. Those things will surely happen from time to time, but even if they sting they are part of life, and they usually make the best stories.

Yoga me

At the moment, I am staying at home in Cork. I had thought I would move to Dublin when I got back from my travels, but I don’t think I am ready for a big(ish) new city at the moment, and I am enjoying getting reacquainted with Cork. I’m starting to take my first steps into yoga teaching – something I am very excited and a bit nervous about – and thinking about what opportunities await as I rediscover the place where I grew up, after nearly a decade away.


Where would you rather be?

It’s been good being back home, reconnecting with people and finding out new things about Cork and what’s happening here. It’s also been challenging – starting again after several years in another city and country isn’t all plain sailing. I know about five people I’m not related to and am looking at a completely different set of career options compared to a year ago – but I’m taking each step at a time. I’ll continue to post about the new adventures here, and at some point I will share a few stories from the rest of the travels.


Back Lee side



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